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Customize your jewellery or transform the antique one into a new look with professional crafts, so its values will last forever. Bring in your old jewellery or ask for a design service, we will definitely suprise you!

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Miyagawa Mina is a professional jewellery adviser, designer, appraiser, and buyer based in Hong Kong. Drawing from her experience and her creative flair, Miyagawa Mina established her own jewellery brand where she provides her customers with jewellery related services including designing, renewing, inlaying, cutting, and appraisals. Encompassing a range of exclusive bespoke fine jewellery and rare pieces curated from all around the world. You can find Mina’s elegant and timeless jewellery in her boutique store in Hong Kong, located right in the heart of Central, as well as online.

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Jewellery Design

Customize jewellery based on our ideas and customer's preferences.

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Bringing new life to old jewellery provided by customers.

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Most comprehensive choices of jewellery from our supplier networks.

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Customize & Renew Antique jewellery

Customize your jewellery or transform the antique one into a new look with professional craftsmanship, so its values will last forever.


Bring in your old jewellery or ask for a design service, we will definitely surprise you!

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