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Miyagawa Mina 
One-Stop Bespoke Jewellery Shop

The winner of “Hong Kong’s Most Outstanding Business 2021”, Miyagawa Mina’s One-stop Jewellery Shop serves customers with jewellery-related services, such as investment advice, gemstone hunting, bespoke design, setting and other fine jewellery products. Discover beautiful bespoke jewellery made with superior craftsmanship. Bring in your old jewellery or ask for a bespoke design service, we will definitely surprise you!

Miyagawa Mina

Jewellery Investment Advisor
Jewellery Designer

Miyagawa Mina, Hong Kong’s first jewellery investment advisor, designer and appraiser, established her own jewellery brand where she provides her customers with jewellery related services - encompassing a range of exclusive bespoke fine jewellery and rare pieces curated from all around the world. Drawing from her experience and her creative flair, her brand “Miyagawa Mina One-Stop jewellery Shop” specializes in creating bespoke jewellery that utilizes traditional jewellery design and setting methods to bring your ideas to life.  You can find Mina’s elegant and timeless jewellery in her boutique store in Hong Kong, located right in the heart of Central, as well as online.


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Customize jewellery based on your ideas and our creative input.


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Get a professional jewellery appraisal for insurance purposes.


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International identification report (GIA,GUILD,GIL) to guarantee products' quality.

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Jewellery is concentrated wealth in your hand.
​Learn more about colored diamonds such as pink diamonds, emerald and ruby investment in Hong Kong.