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Miyagawa Mina
Jewellery Shop

"In 2017, Warren Buffett said in an interview "jewelry is a long-term industry, and it is safe to invest in it." Before this, Miyagawa Mina stated the core value of jewelry is investment as early as 20 years ago.....​"


Jewellery Investment Advisor

A jewellery designer and investment advisor based in Hong Kong, the founder of Miyagawa Mina Jewellery, Miyagawa Mina is Hong Kong's first jewellery investment advisor.  In addition to the carat size and colour of the diamonds, modern technology and the rapid development of mining technology ensures that diamonds and precious gems will only be a unique investment that cannot be replicated. 

Since her family owned a gemstone cutting factory, Miyagawa Mina spent her childhood observing different kinds of natural gemstone and jewellery, looking into their potential for investment.


Let Miyagawa Mina help you navigate the world of jewellery investment 

While jewellery isn't the first thing that comes to mind when you’re looking to invest your money, it has an allure to it that very few other investments can rival. Jewellery is something you wear every day, and so there's a constant reminder of what you bought when you look in the mirror each morning. Moreover, jewellery also holds sentimental value in many cultures and families, meaning these pieces often have more than just monetary worth.

Jewellery investments offer not only tangible value but also intangible benefits like beauty and sentimentality that cannot be matched. Additionally, jewellery investments also offer an emotional return on investment that cannot be matched by other markets. As long as there's demand for beauty or sentimental reasons, people will continue to buy these exquisite items. 

Colored Diamond Investment

The ratio of colored diamonds to diamonds is 1:10,000. In terms of high-quality colored diamonds and diamonds, the ratio is even higher to 1:100,000. The acceleration of technology is also causing a result of faster mining, resulting in an increase value of colored diamonds.......

Gemstones Investment

In addition to the 3 major gems (Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald), the prices of Paraiba, Papadrascha, and Aquamarine have been rising in recent years. To choose a high-quality gemstone, different gems have different standard, depending on size, color, clarity, origin, cutting and more......

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