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No oil Emerald in Hong Kong


The emerald is one of the three major gems and a gem with a long history. Its value is not higher than that of pink diamonds, but it continues to grow steadily in value. In 2019, emeralds were selected as the largest increase in value compared to all gemstones. It is known as "concentrated currency" in the jewellery investment world and is regarded as a treasure of low-risk investment. According to statistics, the value of different types of emeralds has increased by 300% to 500% in the past two decades. No oil emeralds are the king of green gems. No oil emeralds are small in size and extremely expensive, making them a great choice for those interested in jewellery investment in Hong Kong.


Emeralds are considered one of the four major gems, making it an extremely attractive precious gem to fine jewellery investors and jewellery lovers. The earliest emerald mines can even be traced back to 330 BC to 1700 AD. However, the vast majority of emeralds that are mined are immersed in an oil tank, which is a common method to effectively protect the emeralds and to prevent them from forming cracks.

Calculated according to the ratio of "oil flowing into emeralds", emerald grades can be divided into no oil (None), very slight oil (Insignificant), slight oil (Minor), moderate (Moderate), and obvious (Significant). Because 99% of emeralds are oil-soaked, oil-free emeralds are particularly rare, and the international auction price was 10 times higher than anticipated.

The emeralds on the market mostly come from Colombia, Zambia or Brazil. Among them, the emeralds produced in Colombia are the most precious, and the market price is also the highest. For example, there are fewer than 100 oil-free emeralds from Colombia on the global market. All in all, "oil-free" and "origin" are the two major factors that determine the value of emeralds.

With the steady doubling of its value, no oil emeralds have become the concentrated currency of Hong Kong's jewellery investment community. According to mining experts, only 1 carat of emeralds can be collected for every 5 million carats of ore. No oil emeralds are particularly rare. For example, Colombian bubbled oiled emeralds make up less than 100 in the global market. Compared with commercial-grade emeralds, the market demand for high-quality emeralds remained stable and showed no signs of slowing down despite the pandemic.

Discover no oil emeralds from Miyagawa Mina One-stop Jewellery shop in Hong Kong

High-quality diamonds and precious gems can bring higher value to your jewellery. For example, natural green diamonds certified by GIA are powerful low-risk investments that you can confidently treasure for years to come. Here at Miyagawa Mina Jewellery, we are committed to providing our clients with a variety of high-quality precious gems and diamonds, including white diamonds, no oil emeralds, pink diamonds, aquamarines and more. Furthermore, our bespoke design services will inject new life into each piece of jewellery through a customised production process. Miyagawa Mina One-stop Jewellery Shop is one of the few places in Hong Kong that uses a specialised technology that emerged during the Edwardian period to create a lace effect for the decoration of emerald earrings, showing the beauty of emeralds.

We sincerely invite you to enjoy a one-stop jewellery service experience

Miyagawa Mina One-stop Jewellery Shop provides you with market investment perspectives on the colour, carat, and shape of emeralds. Whether you appreciate buying no oil emeralds or minor oil emeralds, you can start your green gem tour in Hong Kong with Miyagawa Mina. Make an appointment to discover and purchase a variety of high-quality no oil emeralds at different price points today.

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