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Miyagawa Mina Custom Made Jewellery Factory

Breathing new life into your most loved vintage jewellery with superior craftsmanship, Miyagawa Mina combines her years of expertise in jewellery design and your ideas to create personalized pieces that you will love for years to come.


Be your own jewelry designer.......

“Finding ‘personal style’ is undoubtedly a trend, this makes custom made jewelry leading the market, and furthermore, giving a piece of jewelry new life through reset, is also a new way to make it lasts forever”

-Miyagawa Mina


Miyagawa Mina Custom Made Jewelry Factory Services
​Discover custom-made jewelry, personalized jewelry design, customisable jewelry such as wedding rings in Hong Kong.

Gemstone Cutting

Experienced gem cutters cut gemstone/diamond into different shapes, making them sparkle perfectly.

Variety in Design

Specializing in hand-drawn jewellery design, we work with our customers to combine their ideas with the designer’s input to achieve unrivalled one-of-a-kind personalized jewelry in Hong Kong.

Professional Setting

Professional jewellers make sure every single part of your jewellery can be personalized according to your design.

Reset Old Jewels

We repair and redesign your old jewelry, by keeping the main stone and giving your prized piece a new look, so that it can withstand the test of time.

Why choose Miyagawa Mina for all your personalised jewelry needs in Hong Kong?


Excellent Craftsmanship & Artistry

With over thousands of pieces made, our jewelry are masters in their craft. Honing various jewellery making techniques such as "invisible setting" and "grain setting”, Miyagawa Mina Factory masters can achieve every setting style of jewelry. 

Items to set

Our craftsmen are not only skilled at jewelry setting, but they can also bedazzle your luxury watch, bottle opener, car plate, mascot, brooch, and much more. After all, everything including your jewellery can be customizable.


Hand-Drawn Design 

Hand-drawn design is fading in Hong Kong, but we continue to preserve this traditional method of making bespoke jewelry. The original draft of the personalized jewellery design will be given to each customer.

Personalized Jewelry Design Portfolio

Explore our portfolio to browse our custom-made jewelry we have designed.

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