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Be the designer of  your jewellery

"In the era of individualization, customization is undoubtedly leading the market. We combine our ideas and customer’s demands, customize every product from 0 to 100. When a valuable heirloom was brought to us, our skilled craftsmen renew it accordingly, make it lasts forever."

-Miyagawa Mina

What do we do?

Gemstone Cutting

Experienced gem cutters cut gemstone/diamond into different shapes, making them sparkle perfectly.

Variety in Design

Specializing in hand-drawn jewellery design, we work with our customers to combine their ideas with the designer’s input to achieve unrivalled one-of-a-kind custom jewellery in Hong Kong. 

Jewellery Setting

Professional jewellers make sure every single part of your jewellery can be personalised according to your design.

Jewellery Modification

We repair and re-design your antique jewellery, giving your prized piece a new look, so that it can withstand the test of time.

Why choose Miyagawa Mina for all your personalised jewellery in Hong Kong?


Excellent Artistry 

With over thousands of pieces made our jewellers are masters in their craft, honing various jewellery making technique, they can achieve every setting style of jewellery.  

Versatile Skills

Our craftsmen are not only skilled at jewellery setting, but they can also bedazzle your watch, opener, car plate, mascot, brooch, and much more.


Hand-Drawn Design for All Customised Jewellery

Hand-drawn design is fading in Hong Kong. We continue to preserve this traditional method and the original draft of the customised jewellery design will be given to each customer.

Custom-made jewellery

Mass-produced jewellery has been limiting our choices, we work to break that limit. From choosing the perfect stone to designing and setting the gems in our factory, our professional craftsman guarantees you a stunning high-quality end product.

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Renew Antique Jewellery

The value of an heirloom piece will never fade; however, the design can go out of fashion someday. Our factory removes the stone carefully with tools and materials that will get your jewellery perfectly prepped and ready for the re-design process.



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Customization Play
Steps of Customization
Visualize your ideas

A new design will be presented to the customer after discussion and a rough assessment of the old jewellery. Revisions are then made to make sure the final design meets customer's expectations. A deposit of HKD 3,000 is required, butwill be refunded in the final payment.

Confirm the setting price

Quotation of setting and materials submitted to the customer after the final design is confirmed.

Bring in old jewellery

Our driver comes to you to pick up the old jewellery, pick-up service covers all areas in Hong Kong. 

Setting in the factory

The old jewellery is then ready to be re-set in our factory. It takes 3-4 weeks to finish, depending on the design.