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Colored Diamond Investment


Here at Miyagawa Mina Jewellery one-stop fine jewellery shop in Hong Kong- we provide you with personalisation services that can elevate the various styles of fancy coloured diamonds with premium craftsmanship, ensuring that the investment value of your coloured diamonds is enhanced. In the diamond world, white diamonds are the most popular, and some people even think that white diamonds are the only kind of diamond available. In fact, the ratio of coloured diamonds to white diamonds is 1:10,000. The colour grade of white diamonds ranges from D to Z, and even white diamonds with extremely high colour grades have a ratio of 1:100,000 compared with brightly coloured diamonds. 


In recent years, many jewellery investors have honed into this investment opportunity, making coloured diamond investment a hot market. Although white diamonds have long been seen as a viable investment option in the mainstream, coloured diamonds are a better option when it comes to maintaining its value. According to the Fancy Color Research Foundation’s research figures from 2005 to 2016, white diamonds only increased by 18.7%, while blue diamonds have increased in value  by as much as 200%, and ythe value of yellow diamonds have increased in value by 110%.

Invest in coloured diamonds

with Miyagawa Mina’s jewellery advisory services

As the founder of Miyagawa Mina Jewellery, Miyagawa Mina said: "Fancy coloured diamonds are movable concentrated currency." Investment types and markets are ever-changing, but the investment income of coloured diamonds has steadily increased in the Hong Kong investment market each year, confirming the unique market for coloured diamonds.

Miyagawa Mina Jewellery is among one of the most qualified coloured diamond investment advisors and appraisers in Hong Kong. Possessing an extensive investment portfolio and experience, you can get first-hand information on the local-coloured diamond market and more.

Committed to educating people on jewellery investment, Miyagawa Mina suggests that HKD 500,000 to HKD 3 million is a good starting price when investing in coloured diamonds, she also suggests that a budget of HKD 70,000 is a good starting point for beginners. In addition to providing coloured diamond investment services, Miyagawa Mina sources a selection of high-quality coloured diamonds and precious gems from around the world that you can personalise.

Be-spoke Colored Diamond

In a time where fine jewellery is considered a timeless investment, coloured diamond lovers can enjoy a suite of services from Miyagawa Mina’s boutique. Make an appointment now to visit Mina Jewellery to browse and purchase high-quality coloured diamonds of various styles and prices today.

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