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Hong Kong First
Jewelry Investmnet Advisor

"Colored diamond is a type of movable and concentrated wealth"

Value of colored diamond has been constantly rising due to its rarity. Ratio of colored diamond to diamond is 1:10,000, it will become more and more scarce as advanced technology has fasten the speed of mining. Every colored diamond is rare and irreplaceable, these make colored diamond a stable investment choice.

Miyagawa Mina

錨點 1
Miyagawa Mina

Learnt gemstone from the origin

Mina’s grandfather is the billionaire in East Java, Indonesia, started gemstone cutting business as one of their family businesses. As a result, Mina learnt gemstone from the most origin, captured first-hand information of the jewelry market. When buying stock and property were the trends of investment, Mina insisted on investing in colored diamond, and up to now, the value of colored diamond is still increasing year by year.

Concepts to change jewelry industry......

Mina went on mine trip around the world and joined auction houses in Japan And France for appraisal. She started brand “Miyagawa Mina One-stop Jewelry Shop” in 2008, focusing on jewlery related services such as jewelry investment, design, fine products, etc…… She converts Rolls Royce into a mobile jewelry showroom and became the first jewelry shop who receives Bitcoin in Hong Kong.

Winning the Most Outstanding Enterprise Awards 


“Miyagawa Mina One-stop Jewelry Shop” has won “The Most Outstanding Enterprise Awards 2021” in Hong Kong, her story has been featured on magazines like Capital, The Hong Kong Economic Journal,Hong Kong Living and TVB.

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