Jewellery designer
Investment Adviser
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"Achieve an excellent piece of jewellery takes many steps. First you have to know its historical background and market as they would become the ideas of your design. Assest the materials you have in hand, to make sure they are good to be used in the inlay, and then skilled craftsman in the factory. You can't achieve without any single steps."


Miyagawa Mina

1995 - Started her career in jewellery industry

Growing up in a family which owned a jewllery factory, diamonds and gemstones have become the most important part of Miyagawa Mina's childhood memory. Inspired by her parents, she started learning knowledges in jewellery crafts, design and investment, developed a new career path afterwards based on what she had learned.

2000 - Showed talents in appraisal & Joined auction houses


Miyagawa Mina has never stopped her pace in learning, she travelled abroad to visit the mines of gemstones, this enables her to posses comprehensive knowledges in jewellery market. In the year of 2000, she was invited to join auction houses in Japan and France for appraisal works. 

2008 - Found brand “Miyagawa Mina Jewellery”

Miyagawa Mina started her business with the brand “Miyagawa Mina Jewellery” in 2008. Her team serves customers with quality products and professional skills including jewellery design, renew and inlay.